Teacher Interview Essay

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The teacher I interviewed has taught in Olney for 25 years. She has taught almost every science and math class taught at the high school. This includes Trans Math I and II, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, FST, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Usually she teaches chemistry, physics, pre-calculus, and calculus, but occasionally teaches other science and math classes.
Her love for helping students learn is what keeps her motivated. She said, “Seeing that light bulb come on and an understanding something that they didn't feel they could do is rewarding. For example, this year I had a student who had been in safe school that had come back. Her skills were very low and she was not motivated to be in
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She mentioned how much kids grow throughout the year(s) is something that really motivates/inspires her to keep teaching. She mentioned, “Seeing how they succeed in college or the work force because they learned how to be life-long learners is rewarding as well.”
She has found a few drawbacks for teaching. This included the amount of paperwork involved in a 34-page evaluation and having to prove that she teaches on paper. Some other drawbacks she mentioned were the State Standards, the accreditation process, and the retirement system.
The success story she told me was truly amazing. She said, “I had a student in Physical science who was rowdy, rude, home life was terrible, didn't care, the list goes on. He felt like he was "stupid". We did a lab on paper airplanes and he loved it. We ended up taking a few students (him included) to the elementary school to teach 4th grade students about aerodynamics and how planes work. He loved feeling like he was smart and he started paying attention and liked being in my class. Then I took him to Team Quest where he got to feel like a "smart kid" and from that point on, he became a star student. He went on to graduate, go to college, get a master's and is now a