Teacher: Learning and High School Teachers Essay

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When I was young I always saw myself as a teacher I think because most of my role models, mom, several aunt, high school teachers, were all in that profession. I never though of anything else until I received what I believe was a true calling from God. In high school I was suppose to do my senior project with my friends mother in a second grade classroom, but at the last minute she couldn’t take me. I was so upset and nervous about where I would go. My counselor at Beaumont was able to find me a position with a nurse at University Hospital, this experience changed my life. I truly believe this was Gods way of helping me to find what I should do with my life. I learned in those two short weeks that nursing is much more than a career it is a vocation.
There are many reasons I believe that nursing is what I was called to do. The role of nurse is ever changing, and that is something that fits my personality perfectly. To be an effective nurse you first and most importantly be skilled but also you need to be a leader, good communicator, listener, counselor, advocate able to learn from others as well as work with others with are all qualities I posses. I also believe you must never stop learning, I know once I graduate I will continue to stay up on the latest advancement in the filed because I am not one to be complacent I always strive to be the bet at what ever I do.
Nursing also offers so many options for employment from working in a hospital, physician’s office or a