Teacher Philosophy Statement

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Philosophy Statement: Name: Heather Barron

The role of the teacher is to teach, demonstrate and be a role model for his or her students. It is important that the teacher is proactive in his or her classroom by setting rules, expectations and routines for his or her students. It is also important that the teacher create a certain classroom environment. The classroom environment should be positive and productive for learning. The students should be able to feel safe within the classroom, feel as if they belong, focused, and have enthusiasm in their classroom. Lastly, the teacher should be able to acquire respect, give care, and develop trust with his or her students.

The role of the student is different from that of the teacher, though their roles coexist. The student should be proactive in the classroom by meeting the expectations of his or her teacher. The student must be respectful and courteous to the teacher and others. The student should be able to trust his or her teacher and feel safe within the teacher’s care. The student should also be able to communicate with his or her teacher.

If I were a first grade teacher at a school that had technology within the classroom, I would try to frequently incorporate it into my lessons and as a part of the students’ learning experiences. Overhead projections and computers are two types of technologies that can be used to help with students’ learning experiences and be used within the classroom. There are many activities that can be used on the computer with games using subjects such as reading, social studies, math and science. It can be a fun way for children to learn and for a teacher to chart each individual student’s learning progress. So many different subjects can be taught to children using computers in a variety of ways that are very beneficial to their understanding of the subject and using technology.

The methodologies that I believe are most effective are the ones that can accommodate all the different types of learners. Every student learns in their own way, different from another student. In order to teach first grade