Teacher Tenure Essay

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Dear Representative Hubbard, Teacher tenure has recently come under ridicule by persons of the public, media, and political realm. While it is argued that the institution of tenure simply acts as a save-all for incompetent and unsuccessful teachers, its establishment nearly a century ago holds that tenure was created to protect student’s education and the ability of teachers to provide a meaningful one. In regards to your position as Speaker of the House for the Alabama House of Representatives, I implore you to consider the negative consequences of abolishing teacher tenure, and as a solution create more stringent and recurring teacher evaluation policies to combat ineffective teachers and to protect capable ones. In order to offer you an objective and academic proposal, I will reference and compare two articles in my letter. The first, Tenure: …show more content…
One pivotal reason to maintain tenure is its role in shifting the burden of justifying termination to the employer, Kahlenberg cites “civil rights laws may protect teachers from being fired because of race or sex, but under a civil rights frame it is still incumbent upon the teacher to prove that the employer acted the way it did because of race or sex. Under a tenure model, the employer must prove it has cause to fire the teacher.” This shifting increases the resources available to teachers and their chances at a successful outcome should a trial occur. Tenure also protects teachers from discrimination based on their political affiliation, friends, and salary potential should they be an experienced teacher employed during budget cuts, all of which are not covered by civil service