teacher's roles and responsibilities Essay

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1.1 Roles and Responsibilities of teacher
Role and responsibility Reason why I have chosen this
1- Plan resources and activities to meet learning needs Each learner matters and each learner is unique and has individual needs. So it is necessary to identify and analyze the needs of each individual learner to facilitate learning and achieve aims and objectives within the timescale in an environment of joy and fun. Petty argues that “if the needs of our learners are discovered and met, the chances of success are greatly increased” (2004:496).
2- Create an inclusive, equitable, motivating and safe learning environment It is necessary for the teacher to take reasonable care over health and safety and create an environmentally and physically safe and healthy learning environment for all students. It is a main responsibility for a teacher to ensure that learners are not discriminated against and nurture in students lifelong respect and compassion for themselves and other human beings regardless of their race, ethnic origin, gender, social class, disability, religion or sexual orientation.
3- Model up to date knowledge and practice in your specialist area Becoming a professional is an ongoing process, because of this teachers must ensure that they are skilful and knowledgeable in their specialist area and maintain this through CPD.
4- Monitor learning progress and provide feedback Teachers should be aware that learners learn successfully, evaluate learners at regular…