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Should Teachers Carry Guns in the Classroom? For all the dangerous places in the world, such as places with wars and violence, you would think that a place where we send our own children would be safe. Schools shouldn’t be a place of fear. Schools are not safe anymore because of the violence that goes on in schools and sometimes deadly school shootings. We have had a lot of recent school shootings so far this school year and the year isn’t even over yet. As a matter of fact, the semester isn’t even over yet. I don’t believe that we should let teachers carry weapons but we should have more school resources officers on hand in the school. Dr. Patrick Johnston once wrote in an October 8, 2006 article for the website, NewsWithViews.com, and he wrote, “A drifter walks off the street into a Colorado public school and kidnaps a half dozen girls before sexually molesting then shooting one of them. Three Wisconsin teenagers are taken into custody for plotting a bomb attack on their school. A teacher is gunned down in Vermont as a man searches angrily from classroom to classroom for his ex-girlfriend. Another student in a rural school shoots his principal. That’s just the past six weeks in the public school system.” (Johnston 2006). That is pretty outrageous that there were so many incidents in schools in a matter of six weeks this school year. In the article that Dr. Johnston wrote called Stop School Shootings: Let Teachers Carry Guns, he doesn’t think that