Teachers Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns In Schools

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. In my opinion teachers should be allowed to carry guns in school. Honestly, I think teachers should bring guns to school because you never know what person will come into the school. Someone could come into a school with any kind of weapon, what are you going to do without a gun or weapon. How are you going to protect your students. You have to protect your students somehow. Would a school be safe without guns the answer would be no. If a teacher has the proper training absolutely they should be allowed to carry it. They are our first line of defense and would be able to react much faster than any police officer who isn't on the scene. Saying teachers are going to snap and be a shooter themselves is illogical. If a teacher wanted to …show more content…
The guns would not have to be in the open or in a known place, such as in a drawer in the teacher's desk-- any guns could be carried directly on the teacher's' persons, where they would be away from access by students or others. If it is known that certain teachers of each school choose to carry guns, that fact alone may be enough to deter some shootings from ever happening. For years people have been using guns to hurt people thinking that the guns have no feeling. They do and everyday people don't realize that guns get weaker and weaker everyday and we do nothing to help them. If we just stand here and do nothing then the population of guns will decrease. They can protect the students in the school. In case of any emergency they are ready to defend their students and they colleges. The students will feel safe if their teacher is ready to defend them. The teacher should be less worried about what could happen in a bad emergency. Let's to say if you were are in school school when an armed person broke into your school you would probably be terrified, because I know I would and take your best friend hostage wouldn't want to sit there and what for the police to get there or would you want to take action. Because what if the armed man or woman threaten to seriously hurt your best friend if you called the police and didn't him or her what he or she wanted. I would rather have the armed teachers be ready to stand up for themselves and the students. And while the teachers took on the bad male or bad female the they could have a teacher call the police. What if if a shooter walked in and the kids was walking down the hall well if the teachers had a gun no one would be hurt but the armed person so that's why i say teachers should carry guns in school now they're gonna start carrying