Key Aspects Of The Role Of A Teaching Assistant

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UNIT 1 Supporting the Teacher

TASK 1 Describe the key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant.
Answer There are 4 key aspects to the role of a teaching assistant, these are to:
1. Support the teacher
2. Support the pupil
3. Support the school
4. Support the curriculum.
By doing this they are helping to raise educational standards in the classroom by making more time available for the teacher to teach.

Teaching assistants carry out a variety of tasks and work in partnership with the class teacher to prepare, maintain and promote a quality learning environment. Teaching assistants support the pupils by understanding there needs, it is important to show respect for pupils and to listen, help and encourage them by showing them how to treat and respect others. It is important to gain a pupils trust and confidence as this will help to promote positive behaviour.

Teaching assistants support the school by working as part of a team with other members of staff and work in partnership with parents.

Teaching assistants support the curriculum by having an awareness and understanding of the National Curriculum as this sets out what pupils should study, what they should be taught and the standards pupils should achieve. TASK 2 Give examples of some tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher.
Answer Tasks, teaching assistants carry out to support the class teacher include helping to prepare, organise and maintain an effective learning environment under the teachers direction by:
Ensuring relevant equipment is ready for lessons and that the equipment is put away afterwards.
Ensuring the classroom is clean and tidy at all times.
Displaying arts and crafts work of pupils, to help promote a positive learning environment.
Ensuring notice boards are up to date with current resources relevant to current term topic.
Ensuring all equipment is in good repair and any problems are reported to the relevant person.

Teaching assistants also help and support the class teacher by preparing the learning resources and materials required by the class teacher prior to the start of lessons/activities. This may include:
Maintaining an accurate inventory of resources.
Preparing Flashcards or worksheets, recording educational television/radio programmes
Ensuring any health and safety guidance sheets are to hand and ensure users are aware of relevant health and safety issues relating to the equipment they are using.
Checking the condition of resources/materials after use and reporting any damages or losses.

Teaching assistants could also be asked to carry out any of the following tasks by the class teacher:
Checking pupils work, encouraging pupils to correct their own mistakes.
Assisting pupils who need to catch up on any missed work.
Talking and listening to pupils and keeping them on task.
Supervising play areas/practical work activities.
Deal effectively with minor behavioural issues, enabling the teacher to concentrate on teaching.
Reading a story to an individual pupil or small group and Listen to pupils read.
Helping children with number and literacy work and read and clarify worksheet activities for pupils
Monitoring and recording pupil progress during an activity and providing feedback to the teacher.
Providing any other appropriate assistance during a task/activity. TASK 3 Define how you might contribute a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.
Answer I would assist the teacher in implementing the lesson plans. Specifically I would work with the pupils assigned to me and help them to meet the learning objectives as outlined by the teacher. Examples, could be;
To encourage awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of music in all its forms.
To develop imagination and creativity
To offer opportunities to perform, compose, listen and appraise music.

Firstly, I would follow directions