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Using games to engage learners & consolidate learning
Games are fun and engage pupils but as in all activities they need to be kept under control. There are many methods that can be used to consolidate learning but it is best when the activity is given a rigid time frame. Like anything new, pupils need more time when they first get to play but this can be reduced as they improve.

Here are some examples of games within learning:

Dominoes for maths:

Make cards that have the names of mathematical shapes on them or the shapes themselves. This helps pupils learn the spelling and recognise the shape, so introducing literacy into maths lessons.
Dominoes can be adapted and used in many subjects:
 In chemistry match symbols to the names of elements that appear in the periodic table.  Match OS symbols in geography to their names.
 Match health & safety symbols in laboratories to their meanings.
 Match the shapes of land masses to the names of countries.
 Match capital cities to countries.
 Match dates to events in history.
 Match fractions to the decimal equivalent.
 Match a sum to the answer.
 Match a definition to a word to improve and extend vocabulary.
Work like this can be used at the end of a lesson to consolidate learning or in the middle of a lesson before a transition to a new task or aspect of the lesson.

Washing lines is another game we can use in lessons:
These can be used in a lesson to show a sequence of some kind. Stretch a line of string across the room by either getting pupils to hold ends or putting two hooks in the wall and keeping the line ready for when you want to use it.
Give out large cards, each with a number on it. You might want to explore number size for example, so pupils would have to pin the cards on the line in ascending or descending