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TDA 2.8 health and safety
3.1) Outline the importance of taking a balanced approach to risk management.
Children should be encouraged to think about risks and given more independence, so they are more likely to grow in confidence. If a child’s experiences is limited its likely that the child may find it difficult to assess and manage risks on their own .If we become to obsess about their health an safety, we may affect their learning development and abilities. Sometimes it’s good to offer them challenging environment for them to deal with risks under our observation also when a child sustain or witness injuries they gain direct experience of their action and choices.
4.1) Recognise and respond to emergency
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Children may become distressed and shocked on what they have witnessed. You should remain calm, and not panic, comfort the injured person or talk to them to take their mind off things reassuring everything is ok and not to panic, explain what’s going on while your waiting for more help to come. In some case you may need to stay in your classroom.
4.4) Give other people providing assistance clear information about what has happened.
When first aiders or the ambulance arrives, you will need to give them a clear information in detail of what has happened. You should include, the time of the incident, exactly what happened whether you saw it yourself, who was present, any medication the casualty may be on or has been given and exactly what assistance you carried out or given to the casualty.
4.5) Follow the procedures of the setting for reporting and recording accidents and emergencies.
We need to know about the school procedures for recording and reporting accidents and emergencies. All the information should be clear accurate without giving any comments. For e.g. you should state exactly what happened and whether you saw this your self, who was present, the time of incident, where it took place, who’s reporting etc.......

TDA 2.9 Support children’s positive behaviour.
3.2) If a child puts their own safety or another child’s safety in risk and you find it difficult to manage you