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Deon Husher Level 3
Assignment 1
Question 1 Give examples of how you would plan activities. * Supporting the teacher by delivering and evaluating learning activities, in accordance with the curriculum frame work. * Prepare and organise activities based on age, needs and abilities of the individual pupil. * Follow all agreed plans directed by the teacher, following instruction on where and when they take place. * Liasing with the teacher before and after lessons and update records accordingly in regards to the children’s progress.

Question 2 Describe your role in delivering learning activities. * Prepare the learning environment based on the individual needs of the pupil/group, and provide the learning
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Teaching assistants support learning within the whole class, or works on their own to support the learning of a small group or individual pupil. Teaching assistants work alongside class teachers to support pupils during the teaching of the curriculum.

Question 6 Briefly outline the role and responsibilities of the head teacher; deputy head, SENCO and class teachers. * The head teacher is responsible for all the pupils in the school. The head teacher and senior management team (deputy head, SENCO and key stage co-ordinators) are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the learning environment throughout the whole of the school. The class teacher is responsible for all pupils in their class .The class teacher is responsible for the learning of all pupils, including those with special educational and individual behaviour needs. The teacher is responsible for preparation maintenance and the learning environment within their own class.

Question 7 Give examples of how to promote independent learning. * Encourage and support individual pupils in making decisions about their own learning. * Provide assistance only if needed. * Encourage use of technology. * Provide challenges. * Speak with pupils about how they review their own strategies and future learning needs. * Ensure pupils have named and dated their work. * Liase with the teacher about the strategies and