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Growing up I have always wanted to be a teacher. I used to sit in my room with teddy bears pretending they was my students. After three days at Trinity Christian Academy for my field observation, it all became so real to me that I'm even more certain that I want to become a teacher.

My first day in Miss Collins first grade class was quite interesting. When I walked in they was working on their morning work of cursive writing. Then it was math, which day was reviewing money. Miss Collins had came up with a great game call "the bank". This game the kids had to pretend they was the bank and wanted to buy prizes like candy toys or even finger puppet. Throughout my day with Ms Collins I realize that she's the type of teacher that liked a quiet room. Students wasn't allowed to talk unless spoken to.

The kindergarten class was much more fun and hands on. They was working on pumpkin pop ups and water painting squirrels. After we did music time we reviewed the site words. Kindergartners had access to computers for learning games. The classroom was spacious with 5 round tables for the kids and a carpet for circle time.

Nap time was still a part of the kindergarten schedule. In a christian academy bible scriptures everyday and chapel on Thursdays was part of the schedule. It was so heart touching when I would watch and hear the kids praying to God. When ever the kids felt sad, hurt or even just thankful the kids would pray. I feel like Christian Academy have some good