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Teaching English Overseas
There are three central features that are used to define a profession. These include extensive training, significant intellectual component in training and practice, and it serves as an important service to society. My topic will analyze the idea of how being an English teacher outside the United States is considered a profession. This is my dream job, I am currently working very hard to achieve. I’m in love with different cultures and learning new things. I really enjoy talking with those from and exotic place and asking questions. Growing up in Kansas has been a sheltered life, I’m so excited to escape and become a true adventurer. Therefore, to continue to prove my idea of success with this passion I will analyze why it is a profession rather than just a job.
Every individual goes through a phase where the only priority is to make money and pay their bills. I myself have been in this situation multiple times and both the work climates and conditions were unbearable. Within the last year I have been a waitress, a housekeeper, a cashier at a gas station, a daycare worker, and currently I’m holding a position as a cashier at a grocery store. To me these are all petty jobs; they are only worth the income. Also they were really easy to get and become trained within. Experience was not even necessary for any of my previous titles.
To gain experience and capabilities to teach English I’m required to at least have a bachelor’s degree, also a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. So far it has taken me over four years to work on my degree; my TEFL certificate will take another semester. Other requirements are that my passport and visa are up to date as well as having recommendation letters. To personally prepare my elf I constantly find myself tutoring others or teaching new words as well as definitions. I don’t think anyone off the street could participate in this profession. To deal with a strong standing language barrier it takes patience to understand. It is also important to have the ability to want to help people; teaching comes from the heart when one is truly dedicated.
This occupation fulfills desire and drive in life. It also not only benefits within society but I will be preparing my students when they study abroad in the future. To be able to communicate goes along way, whether they know everything or just the basics it will be a skill that they find helpful. To learn a second language broadens ones horizons, it enables them to accomplish and chase a larger amount of dreams. This can help train them to figure out what they are really capable of. Rather than leading a sheltered life they might become brave and branch out, and knowing another language might be what enables them.
My students will have a diverse amount of goals, to reach when we interact. I feel they will be working on these inside as well as outside of the classroom. There are three features when looking at hierarchy needs in a society; licensing, a particular group, and professional autonomy. I will be able to teach almost anywhere, for now I’m looking at somewhere in the Middle East or China. It might depend on what type of group I will be apart of rather than just part of the teachers. Since I will be working in a school with students I see myself with a desk