Teaching How To Be A Great, Unique Teacher

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How To Be “A Great, Unique “Teacher1

How To Be “A Great, Unique “Teacher



Mar 17

How To Be “A Great, Unique “Teacher 2

Have you ever had a special teacher who really influenced you in your life?Has

he/she changed your life or your thoughts?Well,i had,and he really affected me

actually,He is like an encouragement for me all the time.i first met him where was in a

lecture room,like most students did,where he has been teaching for over 25 years,he

was a psychology Professor.and he was a really,extremely,absolutely funny

guy .Sometimes he was singing a song or dancing when he comes to the class,or just

stayed outside,watched us through the glass.he was always optimistic and never

negative ,we learned a lot from him,not just common knowledge,but some others

which we won’t learn from books.and now i have figured out why teachers like him

can get a tremendous success In his/her career, which include makes his/her students

like him/her,(never miss his class) there are 3 main features of these kinds of

teachers:Oddness,Changeability and Creativity.

You may not feel very good when you met him first time.his behaviors,his

appearance,or even like what Atwood(2008)talks about her professor “this person

placed one hand on the desk in front of him,took a step forward,took another step

forward,took a step back,took another step back.”(Atwood,2008,P85) You might be a

little intimidated by him,but once you start to get used to him or Know about him,you

probably change the way you used to feel about him,he is really sort of “weird”,but it

is positive weirdness.he actually knows what he does.From my view of point,he just

wants to surprise his children(students).

How To Be “A Great, Unique “Teacher 3

Second,doing the same thing like other teachers was not something he engaged in

in at his academic world.he likes to be different,he likes to change,he does not like his

students to be “prisons in a jail”,just sit on their seats,listen to him,absorb the

information which they do not actually want.what he likes to do is”surprisingly gentle

with youthful naviete and simple ignorance.”(Atwood,2008,p86).He sometimes likes

to make his students jump right out of their skins.just to grab their attentions,This is

undoubtedly the way common teachers will not do.

Finally,based on