Describe With Examples How Different Aspects Of Development Can Affect One Another

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1.2 Describe, with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another

There are different types of development that can affect a child development such as for example developing physically and refining physical skills also affects children to become independent. Socialise and grow in confidence it’s important to socialise as it is part of a child’s development because a child will socialise with different children for example girls and boys will have particular friends they make in school and who they like to be around the most which will develop their skills in communicating with other children and socialising. They will also like to play games with other children and friends will gain more skills in learning. For example how to take turns and being patient when playing a game this skills is important it helps children to be patient and also wait for their turn and not to get angry because they are having to wait for their turn.
Children develop skills every day in whatever they do for example writing, drawing, cutting, doing activities, sports, this helps children to build their confidence and encourage them to do different activities. For example cutting something out or making something if they aren’t good at cutting an adult will encourage them to do it more often to build a child’s confidence and will improve their fine motor skills. Most children enjoy colouring in they like to talk about the different colours. Also trying to help them develop their pencil control for example being able to colour in within the lines. Children enjoy reading and feel proud when they are able to read a book by themselves and may ask the teacher can I read this book to you I can read it by myself teachers encourage them to keep reading which helps them with their reading skills. Being able to share toys most children aged 4 years old will find it difficult to share toys with another children but however will learn to share and play together children like playing with other children and being imaginative when they are playing for example pretending to be monsters using their expressions to scare each other. Or if they are playing cars they will pretend that they are car racers and it’s a race to see who wins which helps them with their social development also being creative and imaginative. All children at different ages will develop many different skills in their physical development for example writing, painting they will also improve their skills in gross motor skills for example running, balancing, jumping, hoping, skipping. Growing their confidence and making a child be independent by supporting a child and encouraging them to take part in a certain activity which may help them with their confidence and will make them want to do certain activities more for example playing games which can help them with their maths skills and English skills. Encouraging children to be independent for example to be able to put their own coat on and try to zip it up themselves, be able to get dressed and undressed themselves this will help a child with their physical development. At the age of 4 most children are able to get dressed independently
Many activities will stimulate interest and encourage children to develop skills in different areas. For example an activity such as cooking using different equipment will help children to build their physical development