Teaching: Problem Solving and Hoop Play Essay

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February 2, 2014

Lab 2

1. Explain three important benefits of hoop play.

Three important benefits of hoop play are that the students are at high levels of activity while having fun. Its important that the students also have fun while doing certain activities to keep them interested. Hoop play also works on foot and hand eye coordination. For example the game Ecology pond crossing, the students have to cross the pond by using a loco motor movement without touching the hula-hoops. They also had to choose one color and keep with that color until they have finally crossed. The pond is a huge maze so lastly the hoop play helps students problem solve. The pond of hoops looks like a huge maze and the students had to use their problem solving skills to choose the best path to get across the pond. In addition to that, hoops teaches kids how to use low, medium and high level movements. Students use these movements around the hula-hoop related to the level. For example, for low levels, students can use a solider crawl around the hula-hoop. For medium, students can use the side shuffle around the hoops. Lastly for high levels, students can skip around the hoops.

2. Give an example of how hoops can be used to reinforce a cognitive concept linked with classroom learning.

Hoops can be used to reinforce cognitive concepts link with classroom learning by playing activities that make your students use unique ways to solve problems. A perfect game to play for students in this case is Find you’re way out of the maze. This game is also set up similar to the pond game. The hoops are set up and close to each other. Each student will stand inside their own hoop to start with but then gradually move to the other side without talking or having more then two people inside one hoop. Students can only use hand, eye, and head signals. This game works on student’s non-verbal communication and expressions. Cooperation is also a must, all students will need to cooperate with their peers to make this successful.