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My prior educational experience was in a public school. Elementary school went kindergarten through sixth grade, which I attended one school the whole seven years. Then you moved to the middle school which was seventh and eight, but it was connected to the high school which was ninth through twelfth. Also i attended a vocational school for child care my eleventh and twelfth grade year. After graduation I attended Edinboro University for one semester before transferring to Slippery Rock. Attending the schools that I did, it helped me realize I want to teach young children rather than older children based off of what I learned in child care. As a educator I will be open to different children's needs much like most of my teachers were throughout my school life. My parents views on school were grades came before sports and work. They were always hard on me about my grades and attendance, but this was because neither of them graduated. Going to college was a decision they left up to me but they strongly recommended it. Since I'm going to school for early childhood education I believe I will have a classroom that gives a child lots of room to explore new things. I will have stations set up for the children and teach in a variety of ways to help the children learn. I believe when teaching you should teach the material in a variety of ways. While some children learn visually, some may need to learn by doing that particular thing hands on. All children learn differently. Me for example, I learn better with hands on materials. When teaching the children the rules of the classroom I believe you should use a reward/disciplinary approach. What I used when I taught preschool was a stop light. If you went to yellow that was your warning, if you were but on red you would lose play time/recess. If the child was on green all week (they didn't get a warning or lose recess) they were given a choice of a prize from the prize box. This worked for the classroom I worked in because it was always a surprise on what would be in the box that week. We would always use something different, pencils, stickers, candy, little toys from fast food places etc. The physical environment of a classroom can have different effects on the behaviors of children. For example if there are a lot of distractions in the classroom the children may not pay attention to what's being taught. Also the setup of the classroom can also affect a child learning. Personally I would like to have circle tables do children can work in groups, a lot of children get I'm trouble for talking because most of there work is independent. I believe children feed off of each other and help each other learn. When it comes to the bond with children, I believe younger children need to feel a bond with there teacher in order to learn. Younger children want to be around someone who is nice and relates to what they like. I do believe there is a level that shouldn't be crossed but knowing your children and relating to them isn't crossing the line. When it comes to parents, I believe parents should be required to be involved in the classroom in some ways. Parents are the ones with there children most, and know there children better then anyone else. If you give parents the chance to be involved it can help the child in there home environment to continue learning. I think there should be opportunities for parents to come into the