Essay about Teachonolgy creats a single worldcher should be paid base on how well students do on examwell

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Nowadays, the development of science, technology and industry supports human beings in many aspects of society. There is a statement that Technology is creating a single world culture. I totally agree with it. It not only helps people work more effectively, but also helps human relationships are closer.
First of all, technology is creating a single world culture. This globalization brings many good achievements to human beings in many areas. It helps people work more effectively, quickly. Thanks for the development of information technology, many companies receive high benefits without hiring unnecessary staffs because the computer supports job a lot. For example, I worked in international logistics company. The job requested us have to follow up the flight information to update customers on time. The computer and internet helped us a lot because we could online any time to search information to answer customers for all their queries. Whenever, our company’s computer systems had any problems, the information technology staff only needed to stay at his home and fixed for the whole computers in the office. It was very convenient.
Furthermore, the technical globalization helps people get closer. Many good relationships and many married couples are from internet. For example, my sister and my brother in law know each other from the internet. Both of them are so busy with job. Therefore, they have no time to find a good partner. They use the internet in their rest time in