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M2.15 Briefing The Work Team
Planning The Briefing
The subject of the brief is the performance of line 17 in hall 2, the line has had significant investment recently but the overall performance is below what it was prior to the investment.
The aim of this brief is to firstly update the team on maintenance support activities already carried out on the line as a result of their previous recommendations. Secondly to highlight existing unresolved issues; and any new problem areas on the line which are impacting on production and operators work load.
Needs/expectations of the team prior to the briefing
Team members have been informed of the briefing which should only last approx 5 minutes and will be followed by a brief Q&A session during which time they will also be able to give feedback on the brief and its aims and objectives. The briefing will take place in the in production office at 07.00am on Monday 19th November .
Fire , domestics and general health and safety will be met. All team members will have the briefing agenda.
This will be a two way communication where operators will be able provide information and feedback on recent maintenance tasks carried out and also discuss the issues that are still evident on the line. Also all to suggest recommendations that will eliminate or ease such issues and their impact on the line's performance.
A short Q & A session will be held at the end of the briefing which will also include the team providing feedback on the briefing and its content.

Briefing The Team
Morning team, Firstly I would like to congratulate you all on an exceptional performance on line 17 last sequence, it's the first occasion that we have averaged over 21 tonnes every shift which I am certain is a direct result of the maintenance support team acting on your last recommendations so well done to all of you.
I think you will agree that there has been a major improvement in the line's performance over the last week and that most if not all of the recommendations put forward by yourselves have now been either completed or are planned for the next couple of days, If for any reason you feel that this is not the case then please add these issues to your ongoing line improvement sheet and they will be communicated back to the maintenance support team ASAP.
As part of the ongoing issues surrounding the performance of line 17 the management have requested that a designated rewinderman be utilised on the rewinder in order to encourage a more accurate and consistent level of problem reporting, the dedicated rewinderman will be invited to the line 17 performance meeting with management and maintenance teams every Monday morning to discuss ongoing and new issues with the line, if anyone has any issues with this then please state your reasons at the end of the brief during Q&As and feedback
We are still running a man light on the line due to Alan Hill still being on sick leave, I have spoke with management regarding this issue and the need for them to cover the position due to the urgency surrounding the line and they have reassured me that they will do everything they can to cover the position to prevent the line running short.
Clayton Bibb suffered a bad cut to his hand when entering the rewinder last week so please can I just remind everyone about the importance of their PPE adherence and also to be extra vigilant when entering the rewinder, if you need assistance ask, and," if it's not safe don't do it"!!.
The team were then thanked for their ongoing support and input into the continuous improvement of the performance and productivity of the line.
Q&A: D.Morris (rewinderman) confirmed that all outstanding maintenance work had been completed and that he was updating the line improvement sheet to confirm this and highlighting any new problem area's as they were occurring. G.Jenkins raised concerns regarding the request from management of a dedicated rewinderman and the possible