Team Building Excercise Essay

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Antonio Hinkston
Team Building Activity
Sport Management

I decided to use the team building activity from the SOUTHERN DISTRICT LEADERSHIP TEAM OF FALL 2002. The team building activities that is detailed in the team building activities profile is somewhat different than that of what we have learned in class. These team building activities are dealing with children that participate with the organization. I should explain that the SOUTHERN DISTRICT LEADERSHIP TEAM is a program that sponsors the 4-H Youth development. I will briefly tell you about the 4-h club and give a brief example of their goals and ideas. The club was designed to respond to challenges that are presented on a daily basis in Americas communities. The program is the nation largest youth development organization designed to mentor and educated young minds on environmental issues as well as mentoring young urban kids. The plan that I chose which can be at found, the plan details the many activities that the organization believes will strengthen young minds and help them to gain the necessary values and morals needed to strive for greatness. After review the organizations team building plan, I believe that each of the activities should be implemented as certain situations arise. The activities that are detailed in the plan either reward or direct a child on how to respond to hostile or environmental dangerous and promote rural technology for farming and the benefit that they