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Working in a Team
P3 - Define the attributes and skills needed by a team leader. P4 - Demonstrate working as part of a team towards achieving specific goals. P5 - Demonstrate working as part of a team towards achieving specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations as a team leader. D1 - Evaluate the team’s overall effectiveness in meeting its objectives, making recommendations for improvements. P6 review the team’s overall effectiveness, together with your contribution to achieving the goals, receiving and providing feedback to other team members.
Team Building Exercises: Review
Standing up in a pair: For this exercise we had to choose a partner, and sit on the floor, back to back and linking arms whilst trying to stand up at the same time without using our hands. We attempted this once and then changed partners to see if it made a difference doing the task with someone of a different height/weight than your previous partner.
I didn’t think this task was effective because you can easily stand up from the position we were in by yourself, and as long as you and your partner did this at the exactly same time you wouldn’t find this task hard. I don’t think this particular task involved a lot of team work.
Creating a square: The second exercise we were told to do was trying to create a square with a rope. For this task we got put into a group of 4 and were blind folded, we were then given a rope to make a square with but the rope wasn’t joined so we had to tie the two ends together ourselves. After this everyone in our business group joined in and we tried making a square which took a lot longer than before because there were more people with different ideas.
I think this exercise was very effective because you had to communicate with your other team member which was good because you could see from the results if people communicated well with each other.
Moving a sheet: The third exercise we was given was for our entire group to stand on this big sheet and turn it over without anyone touching the floor. This surprising went really well, we all stood on one side of the plastic sheet and we pulled the other side over and all stood on it. This was a good plan because it was simple and easy.
I think this exercise was good because we all worked well as team and did the task quickly.
Moving an object: The fourth exercise we did was moving an object. For this task we got put in too teams of two around a circle of cones and inside the circle was the water container which we had to move. We got given a rope which we had to use to move the water container.
This exercise was good because there were six different groups and every group had a different idea of how they would attempt to move the water container. We got to see how other people tried to complete the task this was good because we could use their ideas in ours.
Standing on A4 paper: The fifth exercise we was standing in a line on a single piece of A4 paper, then whoever was at the front of the line had an extra piece of paper which they had to use to move to the other end of the line but without breaking the line.
This exercise wasn’t good for team building because most of us were just stood still whilst the person was moving along the line because it didn’t really affect us because there was gas in between our sheets of papers so there was room for him to go in between us, I think this was the least successful task.
Barclays Prepare for Work
Barclays prepare for work week ran from the 2nd till 6th March. Our plan for the week was to get pupils to create a business plan for