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Team 1
Team FEAAARSC (fierce)
Alli Feldhaus, Elena Abramova, Charlene Lord-Sawyer, Andrew Ruxer
Point of Contact: Alli Feldhaus

FEAAARSC Team Charter

1. Team goals for the semester, both performance and learning.
Our team goal is to be successful this semester in assisting one another in any collaborative work. Our team will strive to make the workload fair amongst members, while allowing each member to absorb the material to their full potential.
Another goal is to develop our management skills and work efficiently as a team. We are going to use our strengths and organize our job to get cumulative effect.
Our goals for the semester are to learn how to better manage people and organizations using the material learned in this course, and learn it well enough to find productive ways to use it in our places of work. Of course, we also have a goal to do well in the course, or at least to put forth our best efforts.

2. Who is responsible for what ( team scribe, orator, facilitator, etc.)
Our team does not believe in having completely “set” roles, as we believe that there is value to be had in everyone experiencing all parts of the process. That being said, we have come up with some loose roles for our major contributions to collaborative efforts as a team, which we will use as a baseline to determine responsibility, but we are not locking ourselves down to these roles, and understand that a degree of flexibility will be required in order to complete most assignments.
Alli Feldhaus will act as the team liaison for scheduling meetings and keeping in contact with group members while not in class.
Helen Abramova will work as an idea generator and a jr. scribe - compile material, make drafts etc.
Charlene Lord-Sawyer will serve as scribe and facilitator, but would like to use this opportunity to work on her oral presentation skills, so is also willing to serve as orator. (She is also able to contribute experience with editing documents.
Andrew Ruxer will act as the final editor, ensuring adequate continuity across individually prepared portions of assignments.

3. What is your timeline for deliverables?
All material required for a group assignments should be completed and turned in to the team member responsible for assembling individually prepared portions of any group assignment no later than 11:00 PM on the night before the assignment is due. We will manage further timetables in response to the depth and difficulty of the assignment.

4. Norms for a. Attendance b. Task performance and quality c. Idea contributions d. Cooperation e. Attitudes f. Managing disagreements
Our team is concerned with the success of all members, and for this reason it is imperative that each member of the team pull his or her weight. This means that attendance to any group meetings should be considered mandatory. In order to ensure the success of our group in all aspects of this course, each member should contribute a positive attitude to the group atmosphere and come prepared to present clear and insightful ideas to both the rest of the class and group members. Our group members should allow one another the chance to succeed by helping each other along, and always being willing to cooperate when it is necessary.
Not sure where to put this but, also, each group member should be familiar with relevant course materials when we begin the assignment. We will elect one member of the group to “edit” all work prior to submission to ensure quality and unity of voice. We expect all members of the team to contribute ideas to the current effort, even if it is just improving on an already-present idea. We all need to put forth similar amounts of effort. Even if we have the same idea, how two people phrase and elaborate on the idea could be different, so there is value in expressing it. We expect the same professionalism we would display in the workplace. We will put forth our ideas and