Team Communication

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I find the concept of Communication in the Five C’s of a Team to be the most important concept in Module 6. In the Profession of Arms communication is vital for team’s survival. It ensures that everyone in the team is working towards successful accomplishment of unit mission with minimum loss of personnel or resources. Furthermore, the teams with high levels of communication are characterized by members motivated to provide their constructive feedback to the team leader or each other. If Communication concept of building a team is not applied, the team would fall into the trap of Five Common Dysfunctions of a Team. Lack of communication would impede information sharing within the team forcing members not to trust each other and will not commit to the unit’s mission. The team members will also be reluctant to take any accountability for team performance because initial expectations …show more content…
About ten months ago, in an effort to speed up training and acclimatization process for newest Cyberspace Warfare Operators joining our squadron, my flight was tasked to develop visual aids for each section. My peers and I sprint into action. Each section or my flight spent weeks on the development of the crew aids. However, our Squadron Standardization and Evaluations manager did not clearly communicate that our sister flight is tasked with a similar task. As soon as we found about our sister flight efforts, we establish cross flow working groups between adjacent sections for collaboration of accomplished work and ideas. Since, we had more personnel involved in the project we were able to accomplish the tasks two months ahead of schedule. If my peers maintained established lines communication with our sister flight and shared information about ongoing projects, then the redundancy of efforts would have been avoided saving us time and