Team Contract

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Team Contract

This contact provides the basis for peer evaluations of the team members’ contributions to the collaborative assignments.

We, members of Team ___ (insert team name or number), agree upon the following norms for our collaborative work process in NURS J708 during the Spring 2013 semester:


By interacting and collaborating as a team, we will learn case management for families of diverse populations and promote health within our communities.

What does your team want to achieve in this course?

Communication and Collaboration Norms: (2 paragraphs) As team members we recognize the importance of logging in to our group and class at least 3 times per week as advised by our mentor. Dependent on various roles throughout the semester, we understand certain roles require added responsibility. We understand the necessity of open communication with each other and will adhere to these recommendations.

How will team members communicate? What technologies will you use? What areas of the course will be used for team communication? What are the qualitative and quantitative expectations for contributions? How often will team members login and contribute to the team process?

Since leadership responsibilities will be rotated among the team members, state what the temporary team leader is expected to do and what team members are responsible for.

Technology Related Issues (1 paragraph)

How will the team handle technology related