Team Decision Making and Problem Solving Essay

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As team decision making and problem solving is a broad topic, this paper researches on the given topics (I) advantages and disadvantages of team decision making and problem solving; (II)Team leadership and building consensus; (III) Organizational support to team decisions; (IV) Ethical decision making in a team; (V) Team decisions and conflict management.
Team decision making is one of the essential skills for any successful organization. Decision making is important for management and leadership for smooth operation. Likewise, problem solving tactics should include a strong decision making process. In other words, decision making and problem solving are related to each other and it requires skills, creativity,
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For example, when an individual idea in a team is flagged, competitive or egoistic members often try to sabotage the ideas of people who put down their idea. Competition in a team can destroy the idea of each other instead of trying to look in to the ways to improve it (Nelson, 2011).
2. Ignorance
Since teams consist of people with different experience, a person with more experience tend to ignore the ideas of others. They ignore suggestions from others and put their ideas on the top. They are always eager to find flaws to show their supremacy. This kind of power seeking behavior in a team can sabotage the creativity in an employee and destroy the team’s problem solving skills.
3. Conformity
Natural tendency of any team is to conform to consensus. This often times can be to be harmonious with the team and not wanting to be the odd person out. This could sometimes stifle innovation. Senior members often want to maintain their image of being knowledgeable, and the junior team members do not want to go against them. This presents the possibility of gaining consensus quickly before exploring other more effective solutions.
4. Lack of Objective Direction
In team oriented decision making, there is a lack of objective direction. Team meetings convened to solve problems