Team Leader M2 Essay

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Phil Marshall

Developing Yourself as a Team Leader M2.01

Understand the role and responsibilities of the team leader.

1.1 Outline the role of the team leader.

A team leader’s role is to instruct a group of people, providing directions and guidance to the team in order to ensure the completion of tasks. A good team leader will motivate and inspire his team, solving problems and empowering others to do the same. A team leader should lead by example and be able to ensure the group work well together in order to promote team spirit. They should ensure that each member of the team receives the correct training in order to perform their duties. Each individual in the team brings their own skills and specialisms to the group. A good team
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I organise the time frame of work to be completed, sometimes this can be a daily list of tasks that need to be completed but often the timeframe needs a project plan to ensure each task is done in the correct order and on time so resources are available at the correct time for the correct people. On a larger scale when a project manager gives me a part of a project for my team to complete I am responsible for making sure the team completes their tasks within time frame and budget.
I need to attend regular meetings with my team so that any concerns can be identified and acted upon in a timely manner. It also allows other members of the team to be aware of what each other are working on.
I am responsible for keeping the team motivated and morale high. I find that leading be example is important as a positive attitude often influences and inspires the team where a negative attitude can demotivate and be bad for morale.
Sometimes a decision is needed. If it is not beyond my level of authority I am responsible for making the decisions that the members of the team feel that they are unable to make without approval. Though proactivity is encouraged it is important that any team member feels they are able to ask for advice anytime they feel they need