Team Leader of Distribution and Warehousing Essay

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Ensure Team Effectiveness
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Executive Summary:
I have recently accepted an employment position with a large, high profile jewellers firm. The organisation manufactures imports and repairs jewellery for distribution to its many stores in all states. My position title is ‘Team Leader of Distribution and Warehousing’ – a frontline management position. There are 12 team members in my team from different backgrounds and with differing levels of expertise. Some team members have worked with the organisation, and in this division, for a number of years. Other team members are relatively new, while some have worked in other departments/ sections
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After few sessions team will move from a Norming state into a storming state by setting up team bonding exercises and activities. This could be done with sending
Ensure team effectiveness
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some quality time with each other by organizing cultural and ethos with some techniques which includes:
Holding social gatherings, BBQs, family days
Encouraging team members to have input into team discussions and decision making
Team building games
Activities designed to share information across the team, like presentation for few minutes by each sub group.

Once team members feel comfortable with each other there will not be any conflicts or ego. Even if it occurs they can resolve it easily without any affect to the organization and team is ready to move into the performing stage with more maturity, confidence and can do attitude.

I would advise to complete a performance appraisal form and provide Constructive feedback to them. I will support them to improve their outputs through different strategies such as:
A formal training
A buddy arrangement with one of the other administrative staff
Taking a personal interest in their work
Be a role model.

I will ensure with my team members that they work together as a team by sharing information. I will encourage them to fully participate in all