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1. Annotated Bibliography
Source 1:
Hoyt, C.L & Blascovich, J 2003, Transformational and transactional leadership in virtual and physical environments, University of Richmond

This source highlights the differences between transformational and transactional leadership styles. A laboratory experiment was undertaken to show the differences in three different environments; face-to-face, virtual
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This reflective paper has been prepared at a time in the project lifecycle where the civil works are at approximately 50% completion and several issues are arising which has already, or have the possibility to, jeopardize the success of the project.
The main issues that have already been highlighted include the lack of project scope and no existence of contractual documentation outlining the requirements for the project. A phone conversation between me and Jim Currie (director of BRT) included vague directions such as: “If you can just get someone up there to start clearing the land as soon as possible, we will look at the next step when we both get up to Karratha……. Just send me an email with your rates and we’ll go from there….Dixxy (a friend of Jim) told me about your capabilities and if he’s happy with your work, I’m happy…. I look forward to meeting you mate….any issues just give us a buzz”.
I had some hesitations in doing business this way with a new client; however “Dixxy”, a mutual friend and client, mentioned “Jim is a good old bloke, true to his word. Just get someone up there to clear the land. As soon as he sees some action, everyone will be happy”. To keep the new client satisfied, I mobilized to site and commenced clearing. My operators dealt with BRT site based manager, Jamie, who seems to have no idea of what is happening with the new yard and has created a lot of confusion and frustration as to what is required.
A meeting has been