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Team Project Written Paper
Race and Ethnicity Class Vanessa Mariani, Stacey Hunter, Julie Savage, Mindy Tucker, Tzarina Salomon(Taz)

Team Project Written Paper
Our learning team project answered the following critical thinking question: In terms of race and ethnicity, how well do the programs you watch reflect the diversity of the population in the United States? The following television programs were discussed: Chicago Fire, Baseball, Law and Order, Chopped from the Food Network, and Dr. Phil. Chicago Fire is based on a crew of fire fighters situated in Chicago in which they are called upon to respond to fires and various hazardous situations. The case is a diverse group of men, women, white, black, Hispanic, and one who is gay. This show reflects divergence in that it represents what is found in society culturally and with gender. Baseball would be in the number one position if I were to make a list of the television programs I watch the most. The sport definitely shows the diverse race and ethnicity that is representative of the United States today. This diversity in baseball didn’t begin until Jackie Robinson became the first black player in the major leagues in 1947. Now Major League Baseball has players that represent many different ethnic and racial groups.
The show Law and Order has a lot of viewers. I feel this is true because of what the show entails. In my opinion it is an attraction to different races and ethnicity simply for the excitement, stimulation and our human curiosity. I feel like it appeals to a diverse population regardless if there is fewer or no minority in the cast setting. Does this make the show racist? In my opinion, no it does not make the show racist. Even though the cast does not appear to be balanced as far as diversity, it doesn’t seem to affect the viewers and the population.
I believe this show reflects diversity. The chefs on the