Team Reflection Week 5 Essay

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Team “A” Reflection
Matthew E. Harlow, Kyle Deghetto, Erik Holstrom
March 6, 2015
Instructor: Kimberly Roberts
Team Reflection

“An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise” (William Dean Howells). Team A is in charge of the types of control measures we would use to measure how efficient and effective an employee is. Also we need to evaluate the entire call center. The purpose of the call center is for timeshare vacations. In this type of setting we would expect resolutions to problems, and meet the requests that they have to increase the volume of sales on time shares. The management team will use statistical reports. This report will be specified to measure the efficiency of an individual within the call center. This will also be utilized for measuring the call center. The statistical report will have no impact on the employee or the call center while under review so they can still continue to work efficiently. It will bring to management’s attention the details, letting us know where we are strong or where we are weakest. This can be at an individual level or at a team level.

Additional Control Measures Other control measures that can be used will be to actually monitor the individual calls to see how the employees are handling certain situations. We will require a level of professionalism which our employees will obtain through training and a metric system put into place to reach our goals. This will also protect the company from any misinterpretations for legal actions if a customer suggests an employee or the company suggested or gave an inappropriate answer to a question or request. This will ensure that there is the employees are trained correctly and also these calls can be used for training for future employees on how handle specific situations that others have had experience in, and having found a resolution on how to execute properly.

Training for Employees
Training is an important aspect of control. If we as leaders have expectations on how we want individuals and the team to perform we need to set up specific training so we can reach our goals. This comes down to us stressing how important it is to communicate appropriately, being educated on the time shares, procedures that need to be followed, with attention to detail so we can meet the needs of the customers. Training should be a continuous thing so that the new employees are learning, but the veteran employees can refresh and learn new scenarios, and share their experiences with the newer employees also. This training will also communicate to the employees on how they are measured on a personal level. It will rate them on a skill level on service, knowledge, urgency, and success of