Team Rubicon Research Paper

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"Good timber doesn't grow with ease. The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees" (Thomas S. Monson). In life we get to endure through a lot of hardships and trials, but that is what makes us fervent. We all are given trials for a reason. As long as we are faithful and obedient, our Lord will make us more powerful. So many times I have asked the question, "Why Heavenly Father are you doing this to me? Why do I have to be the one to struggle through these tribulations?" Without these trials, we wouldn't be shaped the way we are.

Throughout my lifetime of a solid fourteen years, I have gone through many trials feeling alone. Just this past summer I felt worthless because I felt that I wasn't being a very great person in the Lord's eyes.
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He was in D.C for a long period of time because his work put him on an assignment called Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon is a team of firefighters who help train returned veterans and give them a purpose when they return from war by helping fight fires. After D.C he had to travel for many months to different cities and states to go to the training camps. We only saw him about two or three times. It was so hard for us not having our father around. My mom was left at home alone caring for our baby sister as we were at school and doing sports. Coming home without him there was so hard, knowing that I wouldn't see him for another few months or weeks. It was also terrible not having our head of our house home who also holds the Priesthood. No matter what we had to have faith and pray for help. Very slowly the days crept by as we continued to do our best and help our mother around the house. Finally my dad came back and it was a joyous moment for us all. Of course we knew he would return to us but it was still so difficult being away from my father who I love so dearly. Throughout the time that he was gone the Lord blessed me with peace and comfort, knowing that he would come home soon enough. This trial made us all stronger and more united as a family as we cooperated better, making this experience a