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Team Sport

Strengths in handball:
Throwing shorter distances
Dribbling short distances
Dribbling the ball (3 steps bounce)

Areas for improvement in handball:
Improve throwing longer distances – accuracy
Dribbling long distances, keeping motivation and accuracy
Need to bounce when getting to goal for more power
One of my strengths in handball includes passing the ball over short distances, mainly because I can pass with more power and accuracy which helps my level of performance. One of my weaknesses is passing long distances because of the power and accuracy needed. I find it difficult to throw over large distances because i am not adapted and use to doing this unlike professional player such as Domajo Duvnjak (26) who has been named the worlds best handball payer of 2013. Domajo is brilliant at long passing, he has recently been recognised for passing 20m over a field precisely. This shows me that his strengths are passing over long distances and my strengths are throwing over short distances. One way to improve the length of my accurate passes would be to have a target I could aim for hitting and solely move it further and further way this would ensure that I am training how to pass long distances but also accurately. To get my level of passing up to that standard I would have to devise a plan to train myself. It would take a long time to get to that standard.

Another one of my strengths is dribbling short distances. This means that I am able to keep possession of the ball for a short amount of time leaving me time to pass or shoot in the goal. If I hold the ball for longer than 3 seconds then the other side gain possession of the ball. In order to keep possession of the ball but move around the court I could use the 3 step…