Team A Delivery Method Choices Wk 4 HR Essay

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Choice of Delivery Methods
Autumn Nunes, Janet Tapia, Stephanie Wright, Keni Kagawa, Gerald Wright
HRM/ 326
December 5th, 2014
Rebecca Marek
Choice of Delivery Methods
Team A is working on developing the best training programs for Verizon’s call center employees. In order for us to do this we need to discuss the many different types of delivery methods available. Some of the types of training methods we discussed are classroom, mentoring, on-the-job training, lectures, technology based e-training, and Webinars. Each of these methods has their benefits but not all will work best for the type of training our organization requires. So in order for us to find out which fits Verizon best each member of the team is going to extensively research a method in which is of interest to them. Janet is going to research the delivery method of E-Learning, she feels that in utilizing this method, self-discipline is necessary and many benefits come along with it. Janet also stated “Technology has come a long way making learning at the tip of our fingertips”. Stephanie has chosen on the job training, it is her personal preference of learning. She is a hand’s on person and can become easily distracted if not kept busy, therefore in order for her to learn something quickly it’s best that she is actually doing it. She also chose this type of learning because it is one of the oldest forms of training and that she finds very interesting. Gerald’s personal preference to research is the