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Effective Oral Communication
Team B Chelsea Salters, Jessy Dominique-Clark, Lisa Lavarion,
Shakeima McCray , Yanid Castellon

 Introduction
 Discuss the components of effective oral communication
 Discuss methods to prepare for an oral presentation, and why these methods are beneficial
 Give suggested techniques for effective oral communication
 Conclusion
 References
 Questions


Components of Effective Oral
Oral Communication Effective Key Points
Research Approach and Data Collection: Develop a plan to obtain a successful outcome.
In addition, disseminating communication a need to prep with quality figures.
Findings on Communication: Acknowledgement on physical methods are important.
 Different Perspectives
 Peer-to-Peer
 Groups
 Meetings
 Public Speaking
Theme: Unfold the topic and strategies of study
 Dread of Peer Evaluation
 Prior Experiences of Community with new associates
 Preparation
Limitation of the Study and Directions from Future Research: Professionals retrieve selective resources to narrow down research.

Methods for Preparing for an Oral
 Organize Your Material
 Make a Sample Outline
The Outline
Central Idea:
1st Main Point
3rd Main Point

2nd Main Point
4th Main Point
5th Main Point

Methods for Preparing for an Oral
Practice the Delivery
Keep the following points in mind when you rehearse and when delivering the speech:
1. Walk / Stand Straight; Gesture Freely and Naturally
2. When Looking Around at Audience Make Eye to Eye
3. Speak Loudly Enough and Clearly for Audience to Hear
4. Channel Your Nervousness into Enthusiasm and

Techniques for Effective Oral
• Speak Clearly
• Use language appropriate to the level of the audience
• Be aware of pitch, tone and speed
• Use appropriate non verbal cues
• Make eye contact
• Use active listening skills

Oral communication must be delivered