Team D Week 2 revised 2 Essay

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CanGo Issues and Recommendations
Innovative Consulting -Team D
Kimberlee Shields, Suze Vilsaint, Niki Woods, Jamie Zwernemann
Week 2 Assignment

Issue 1: Lack of formal Structure/ Business Plan CanGo is lacking a formal structure to their company that is causing friction within the organization. The founder of the CanGo did not thoroughly think over the long term requirements and issues beyond the basics of starting a business. The CEO brought a unique idea of gaming online that mixed old fashion luck with the new times of internet. Relying on only the basics is where the founder made the mistake. The risk is in the start-up alone as well as planning and not anticipating for changes in customer expectations and employees, regulatory requirements, competitive pressures, as well as economic changes.
Issue 2: Lack of planning / Streamlining
CanGo started with a lack of planning for the startup business as well as failure to have a strategic team planning system in place as it continues to grow. The company would like to tap into a new market and would like to develop an online gaming module to help grow the company. Unfortunately, management has not properly research the requirements needed to effectively implement this new system. The responsibilities were delegated to Nick, but he was not provided with adequate resources to get the project started. Nick does not seem to possess the necessary skills required to manage a project of this magnitude. CanGo’s team members are in need of adequate training to help align their education with the technical skills required to be successful within the company.

Issue 3: Secure funds for new projects and equipment purchases
Can Go is not financially secure to build a new product and market to consumers including building out space for the product and shipping of the new product. CanGo’s financial statements do not demonstrate the finances needed to fund the new online gaming division and upgrade the existing manufacturing and shipping divisions. The online gaming division started with a good basis when bought from Web jouster but CanGo currently lacks the equipment and workers to manage this division. The manufacturing and shipping divisions need improvements to keep up with the upcoming holiday demand. More workers and efficient equipment are needed to improve both of these processes.
Issue 4: Proper training of Staff and Staff Fulfillment Proper training of staff and hiring of additional employees to fulfill the hours required to produce and ship merchandise in an efficient manner. CanGo does not have adequate staff to take on the upcoming holiday season. With only 10 employees working in the shipping division, they cannot fill all of the orders working 40 hours a week. Employees will also need to be added to run the new online gaming division and any IT issues that may occur. Current employees will also need to be trained on the new systems and this will take them away from their current work schedule.
Issue 5: Positive Communication Lack of professionalism with the CanGo organization. The lack of structure within CanGo gives way to dismissal of professionalism at the work place. Management does not put in adequate planning into holding a team meeting to provide background information for a new project. Additionally, the management team is not prepare to answer team members’ questions and unable to communicate about the new project confidently. Team members are not encouraged to contribute to discussions during meetings; therefore, they are unable to voice their opinions. The lack of communication force employees to discuss work related matters among themselves; as opposed to getting their questions accurately answered.
Recommendation 6: Customer Service and product shipment streamlining Customer Service is not the number one priority in the shipping of products and CanGo’s Call Center. CanGo has a very inefficient Customer Service Call-In