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MSIS 5653 Advanced Systems Analysis And Design (Section- 001)

Term Project Proposal
Automated Payroll System for Movie Distribution Company

Due Date, March 8, 2015

By Team #03 Sagar Shah Sachin Badadapure Rajesh Bojja Karthik Kasu Sravya Mylavarapu PROJECT PROPOSAL
Client Details:
Client: Rising Cinemas
Client Name: Anil Aduri
Client Address: Rasthrapathi Road, Secunderabad, Telangana, India 500003
Customer Number : +919000882888
Customer Email Id:

Rising Cinemas is a movie distribution and cinema leasing company, which operates all over the state of Telangana. Two main activities rising cinemas do are
They buy movie rights for entire Telangana region and screen the movie across all the theatres, which they hire.
They own few theatres in different locations and they also leased few theatres across Telangana region. They need automated system to modernize the existing payroll system in the organization. They want to replace the conventional book & pen payroll system into a new information system by which they can organize events and keep a track of all the employees’ records, of who work in their office and in their theatres (both leased & Owned). Their requirements are:
They want to track the number of hours an employee works each week.
They want to calculate the wages, which are different in different locations.
They want to file the tax returns for their employees and transfer the money into their bank accounts.

Existing System:
After talking to the customer we got the information that the current system for payroll and time recording is a manual system with the time recording and the calculation of payments being done manually. Also, the payments that are done to the employees are mostly through cheque or cash. They also plan to automate the transfer the payments of the employees directly into their bank accounts.
We plan on creating a web application for the movie theatres where a customer can