Teamwork and Good Listening Skill Essay

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Why team work is important

Team work is important because it helps team members to increasing their individual learning, having good listening skill, know how to resolve conflicts, having good communication skills and being a good team player were everyone ideas are been heard. In Businesses of today they are largely concerned about their profits. They are taking every possible step to increase their turnover. The most important aspect that has a very substantial and positive impact on any business is teamwork. Effective teamwork is very significant for a company to use employee potential to the fullest. Teamwork is not only used in the corporate world to achieve targets on time, but also in the world of sports. If a team works towards a goal collectively, no one can stop it from reaching its goal. Due to the importance of teamwork in business, employers prefer to hire employees who are good team players.

Why is Teamwork Important in Business?

Achieving Goals
It is a widely understood concept, that united we stand and divided we fall. Same is in the case of a team in a business. Collective team activities are very important if the company or a process wants to reach its goal. There are some tasks that cannot be done individually, but can be easily accomplished by working in a team.

Increasing Individual learning in simple terms, a team is a group of people who have come together for achieving a common objective. Therefore, in a group of people, there are many intelligent minds and brains working. When team members work together as a team, they can learn the skills and capabilities of each other and advance their knowledge. This certainly can be beneficial in your professional as well as personal life.

Resolving Conflicts
There are many types of conflicts that may arise in the company, which may in turn have an adverse effect on the collective output. In order to resolve business conflicts; the knowledge, understanding and expertise can be used efficiently for determining solutions to the problems. This significantly helps the business to grow.

Good Communication
Communication is an inevitably important factor in teamwork. When employees work in a team, they are able to pass on their ideas clearly. These rules out the possibilities of miscommunication due to complex hierarchy in the company. And due to ideas and concepts passed clearly, there is no scope for misunderstanding.

Generating New Business Improvement Ideas
If a manager encourages team members to participate in collective decision making, he will be able to reach a good strategy by considering views and suggestions from all members. The business can also think of incorporating ideas suggested by the team members. Employee participation in the management is a very effective tool in meliorating business strategies.

Those in the team leadership should conduct team building activities for letting employees know each other better, and work in a team effectively.

What makes an effective team

A good and effective team are required to have a particular set of skills and capabilities. The most important one is having a good listening skill. This surely proves to be useful in listening to ideas, views, suggestions and conceptions of other employees or subordinates, also being able to discuss the ideas and strategies suggested by each colleague.

Each member must participate in the team for a collective effort to achieve a goal as well as being able to share knowledge and understanding among the team members. One very important aspect that makes an effective team is to give respect to others. If you want to be a good team, you should learn to respect people and their ideas.

The most common problems that can arise

Tasks not being completed by deadline
Difficult to get started
Ideas are not thoroughly discussed as a team
Members not contributing
Ineffective communication
Conflict between team members