Teamwork: Employment and Company Essays

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WooWoo is currently a national known widget that is taking off with high sales. There are some defects which are subject to increase the costs and delay the delivery of the updated widget. As owner of the company that manufactures WooWoo, I have been researching an organization plan to motivate the employees to high job satisfaction, low turnover high productivity, and high-quality work. The issue that most leaders have is determining what motivates the employees and when to take the employee to the next level of motivation. The plan I have designed will benefit the organization by allowing us to remain profitable and retain current employee by job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is the degree to which an individual feels positive or negative about their job (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhi-Bien, & Hunt, 2012). It would be unrealistic to expect every employee to every day that come to work but the plan is to create an environment where their overall impression of their job and the company is positive. The way we will keep a positive impression is by first putting the employees first. If the employees are unhappy they will not be productive at work. In order to design an organization motivation plan, there are two components I had to identify. The first component to the plan is to define motivation. Motivation is the forces within an individual that account for the level, direction, and persistence of effort expended at work (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhi-Bien, & Hunt, 2012). The second component to the plan it to determine what motivates the employees within the company. In my research I had to come to the realization that every person is motivated differently by their current needs at that particular moment. Overall I found that most employees are motivated by rewards that have value to their lives. The company overall plan is to provide various ways to keep the employees motivate through awards, schedule options and extra pay incentives. The company will be moving forward with awarding our employees for their hard work and commitment to the company that will be given quarterly and annually. Within the company we are thankful for the service each employee provides to keep the company afloat. To show our appreciation annually, we will give each employee an award and a gift for their first year with the company and continue to award them in five year increments. The longer each employee is with us the better gift they receive. Hopefully this will create atmosphere where they are determine to meet each yearly increment. Quarterly awards will be base on ranking in each department. The four departments will have goals to achieve each quarter. The employee who has the highest rank will receive an award and a company gift. Even if an employee doesn’t win a quarterly, my hopes are that it will motivate them to meet their targets the following quarter. The quarterly and annually awards will be given at our quarterly company outings that will show appreciation to all. The company hopes these outings will allow the employees to come celebrate and build relationships with one another. To help the company save money we will offer alternative work schedule. The employees will have the option to choose between a flextime and telecommuting. Flexible working hours or flextime gives individuals a daily choice in the timing of their work commitments (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhi-Bien, & Hunt, 2012). This will allow employees to create their own schedule so they may also have a quality of life. For safety purposes, employees will not be allow to work in the buildings between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am. Telecommuting is when employees are allow to work from home or from remote location using computers and advanced telecommunications (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhi-Bien, & Hunt, 2012). The company will allow employees who have achieve certain goals the option to telecommunicate 14 days out of each month. Building relationships and