Teamwork: Management and District Manager Essay

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As a leader, Diana has to take into consideration that teamwork is an important dynamic for the success of any organization. Diana needs to work on her competencies as a team leader because the job that she is applying for requires a great deal of leadership. Although Diana must have excellent competencies since she was able to move up so much in the past 12 years at the same company. However, district manager’s positions have numerous responsibilities which include providing guidance to their employees. Diana has a history of losing her employees due to personal dissimilarities or miscommunication. As a professional, she should not let her personal feelings get in the way of her relationship with her staff. Instead, she should try to develop a relationship with them and if they need assistance with anything, Diana should be able to provide a solid support foundation. Therefore, Diana should work on developing people skills and learning to communicate better with her staff. She should have cultural awareness and be looked as someone approachable not as an “Ice Maiden” (McShane 123). A content environment in the workplace leads to the employees feeling more comfortable to ask questions when they need help and lets them feel more confident. Diana should also learn to give positive feedback to her staff when they do something right. That’s how she will start to encourage good behaviour in her workplace. Possibly provide incentives for staff members that do their job above and beyond expectations. Furthermore, Diana should not just consistently deliver strong results every month but should show the supervisors that she can provide a secure and reputable work environment. If Diana’s supervisors were to see her change her attitude from strictly learning every textbook style and trying to communicate more with her workplace than they would notice that her competencies are well-rounded and that’ s why she excels in her position. This will help her chances of becoming district manager because the supervisors will also notice that she was able to use their feedback and develop her skills into strong management material. Good competencies in a leader include providing teamwork, getting to know their own team and building connections with them. Just like in the Johari Window, coworkers should take the opportunity to communicate with each other and be comfortable discussing feedback and sharing their opinions. The company can also support Diana’s development as a manager by coaching her on her performance. The company could provide monthly progress reports on sales, team environment and targets. In the monthly reports, they can provide positive reinforcement but also give helpful critiques on where she and her team can improve. Furthermore, the company could provide team incentives for Diana and her coworkers and that would help encourage good behaviour. Companies should help develop competencies because not everyone has the same set of competencies and by providing direction it will help those individuals grow in performance and as a leader. In conclusion, the company can teach Diana that a superior leader who qualifies for a district manager position needs to be able to communicate on a professional and interpersonal level with their workforce. Thereby the company plays a role in helping set a foundation of teamwork and security.
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List of the roles that the team members are going to assume: Team B.O.B has decided to split up each assignment and take responsibility for organizing and making sure the assignment is done to the teams set of standards. Each assignment is broken down as follows: Assignment One - All; Assignment Two - Brooke; Assignment Three - Keri; Assignment Four - Karmen; Assignment Five - Brooke; Assignment Six - Keri. The person in charge of that assignment will assign the different roles/parts that the assignment entails and will also