Teamwork: Project Management and Carey Business School Essay

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Senior Capstone
BU.805.495.u3/u9 (3 credits)
U3: Tuesday,9 am – noon
U9: Tuesday, 1:30 – 4:30pm
Spring 2015
January 20 to May 05, 2014
Washington, DC Center

John Baker, Sr.
Carey Business School
Johns Hopkins University
1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
DC Office: (202) 588-0689; DC Fax: (202) 588-0589
Email: (please put ‘Cap2(U3 or U9): ’ at the beginning of the subject line)
Office Hours: before or after class, and by request.

Other contacts
Denise O’Sullivan; 202-650-6023;
Michael Houck (JHU library – Columbia Center); (410) 516-9709;
Heather Tapager (JHU Library – main campus); (410) 516-8778;

Required Text

Blackboard Site
A Blackboard course site is set up for this course. You are expected to check the site throughout the semester as the Blackboard will be a primary venue of outside classroom communications between the instructors and the students. To access the course site, please log into If you need support for Blackboard, please call 1-866-669-6138.

Important Academic Policies and Service
Academic Integrity and Ethical Conduct
Disability Services
Statement of Diversity and Inclusion
Tutoring and Testing
IDEA Course Evaluation
Students are strongly encouraged to consult the Blackboard course website and the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School website for detailed information regarding the above items.

Course Description
The Senior Capstone course requires students to integrate and apply previous course work through a process of critical thinking, writing, research, and presentation skills developed throughout their undergraduate program. Students integrate and apply previous course work to strategic management problems. Analytic, integrative, communication, leadership, and decision-making skills are developed through classroom discussions, applied projects, client interaction, and team presentations. In addition, they will have the opportunity to work on skills development and academic planning for: establishing career plans and obtaining industry/occupation information, developing interpersonal and interview skills, networking, time management, leadership, professional imaging and branding, conflict-resolution, international professional etiquette, US business culture and positive psychology.

Course Overview
The course takes the student through the process of developing ideas for a business and documenting them. It covers the concepts, components and processes of business planning. As a result, the student will understand business planning and how to put one together.

Course Learning Goals
The general learning goals of the Carey Business School are listed below. Of these, the objectives most central to this course are 1.2 and 5.1.

Program Learning Objectives
Carey Learning Goals

Carey Learning Objectives
Integrate multiple factors in business decisions.
Students will identify complex issues that affect organizations and create appropriate strategies to address these issues.

Students will implement and evaluate innovative strategies and tactics designed to address a specific organizational issue.
Balance qualitative and quantitative inputs in business analysis.

Students will apply quantitative tools and techniques to analyze and address organizational issues.

Students will apply qualitative tools and techniques to analyze and address organizational issues.
Embrace and function in diverse business contexts.
Students will demonstrate an appreciation for multiple perspectives and experiences through the ability to work effectively in teams.

Students will analyze local and global market conditions and incorporate this analysis into decisions.
Create business solutions that address social problems.
Students will develop business solutions that address critical social needs.

Students will