Teamwork: Tetanus and Social Media Essay

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The old saying “two heads are better than one” goes true for most cases. What about three heads? Maybe even ten? What about thousands coming together for one goal. I am often fascinated on how many people can come together to make something truly remarkable. I love working with people. I love seeing the great potential something can have when a group of people share their ideas and combine them to make something become even greater. I fell in love with acts of service and volunteer. That is why I aspire to have a business career in my future where I can continue to work with people to create something great. Freshman year, I joined Key Club and I instantly fell in love. I found myself part of an organization that helped me discover a passion and helped with my personal growth. It gave me many opportunities to engage in events where I am given the opportunity to help others, all while having a good time. What especially amazed me was how 8,000 Key Clubbers can gather together for one goal during an annual event called Fall Rally. We are able to raise thousands of dollars for the Pediatric Trauma Program in this one event. All it takes is a passionate network of people that work hard to make it happen. This club has also taught me valuable communication skills. With a simple connection to others, I am able to advertise anything that I want to make happen. Working with social media has been not only fun but eye-opening. After teaching my mom how to use social media, we were able to find a group of her schoolmates from when she was living in Vietnam. Many moved to different countries and some came to the States. What amazed me most was their desire to help out those that still lived in Vietnam and living in poverty. With efficient communication, we were able to organize a charity fund to raise money for my mom’s old neighborhood in the country side of Vietnam. The money was able to provide