Teamwork and Leadership in Remember the Titans Essay

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MGMT-6000 Final Exam

Question #1 The coaching staff at the newly racially integrated T.C. Williams high school was one that was assembled from different schools in segregated communities. Upon receiving their coaching positions, they did not yet have a unified culture of beliefs, assumptions, or feelings because they didn’t know each other and had not worked together.
Coach Boone’s values were clear from the beginning; race was not to be considered. Those who work hard enough and do what is expected will play football. Those who do not, will sit on the bench. The same was expected from the coaching staff; if they did not want to be there, they were free to go. Coach Boone was fine finding another staff member who was willing
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When the segregated black and white schools merged, referring to Tuckman’s Five Stage Theory of Group Development, (Tuckman, 1965) in the forming phase, the team members lost touch with why they had joined the organization in the first place. Much like the merging of two companies, because not everyone can maintain their roles, members were afraid of losing their jobs, positions and reputations. To add fuel to the fire, racism on top of all of this caused massive amounts of conflict throughout all levels of the team, from the coaching staff down. In the storming phase, Coach Boone had the challenging task of developing group cohesion at camp, in an environment where none existed whatsoever. Boone immediately laid out the ground rules and what was to be expected, clearly, concisely and sternly. He left no doubt about what the expectations were. In order to start the intermingling of colors, he made each teammate bunk with a teammate of a different color. As everyone does, not only those from different races, they had differing life styles. Fights broke out and chaos ensued, but Coach Boone pressed on. He insisted that each teammate mingle with and learn about members of the other race and