Characteristics Of A Team

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Characteristics of high performing project team Ideally, teamwork is highly encouraged from cradle to grave when performing a project. This means that a high performing project team should have a mission statement and shared vision. This team is assembled with all of its members knowing the mission statement and vision that their project lead provides. They are all committed to attain the desired outcome. The team members also have vast ownership involvement in the vision in that they do not take it as their leader`s own viewpoint; but take it on as their own as well. A healthy work environment characterizes a high performing project team, which involves recognition of every team member for the achievements they channel in the group. The members also are respected for who they are, what they bring to the team and their commitments to plans and decisions they make. In this regard, they all exercise genuine fellowship amongst each other and settle their differences amicably. In a high performing project team, there is no scapegoat. Using this approach allows each team member to be held responsible for the project outcome. Not only does this allow each team member to feel comfortable in being heavily engaged; it also allows each team member to strive for positive results. Implementing this approach, they know what is expected of each team member, what they should do to ensure success in the team and how they contribute to the project. Finally, the team has their leader as the role model. He or she sets the pace and others follow. His or her leader walks the talk while placing emphasis on caring for each member the team. He or she instills loyalty and trust to members and builds it up as well.
Reasons why they are important The above characteristics are important for performance of any team. This is because if there is a shared vision among the members there will be minimum objections and rivalries and each team member will view the team as a whole. A culture is a way of operating and doing things. When you do not have a healthy environment, all that will be accomplished in the team will be contradicting to each other. For instance, accountability ensures that there is obligation and bond among members of the team. Therefore, roles will not be loaded on to one person but rather shared and exercised with an aim to success. Leadership being a critical role as it is, it helps to give the team a direction and organizes its operations. Without a good positive leader, the whole