Tear Down The Wall Analysis

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The speech was taken place at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, where President Ronald Reagan spoke about what he want done to the wall. Reagan states that “It’s our duty to speak in this place of freedom,” saying how Berlin is a place of freedom that has a wall separating the two sides. He want people to know that he is on their side and wants this wall to go down so that families can be together. He relates to the people by speaking German throughout his speech. He mentions their leader’s name and follows it with tear down this wall showing the people that Ronald is truly trying to take down this wall of theirs. He backs his story up with some history about the Soviet Union and Berlin having troubles trusting each other. But with all …show more content…
Gorbachev, is known for making this wall for being liberalized. All the people want is to have that wall torn down so they can be free to see the other side of the wall and meet their families who were living there. Ronald states “for we believe that freedom and security go together,” he is trying to say that there can be security around Berlin but there shouldn’t be a wall to separate the people living there. Tearing down the wall will help the city of Berlin economically and financially. Younger minds will be able to roam farther and see their city for what it actually is on the other side. Tearing down the wall will help thousands of people live better lives.
People on each side of the wall have their weaknesses, some may not be able to find a job. People have been writing on the wall itself with spray paint. This tells Ronald that the people are eager to tear the wall down and start a new better life with new friends and faces. Ronald's tells the people that there really is no East or West side of Berlin because we are all people. We all have strengths and weaknesses and no one is completely different from the other. He asks the people around the world to help them to tear this wall down and make Berlin free to