Tears of an Angel- a Novel by Me Essay

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Tears of an Angel
My bones where stiff that’s if I had any bones that weren’t broken from the fall. After a pep talk I got up slowly like an old man. When I finally was sitting up on the cold rock hard surface I realized that I was missing something. I looked around slowly as my neck screamed with upmost protest. Then I found what I was missing, it wasn’t a thing. Where was my Seeker Captain? I struggled forward ignoring the pain in my ankles it was pure determination to find my fallen captain that kept me moving. My search was met by a dust covered hand reaching towards the sky; a lone hand, the body was buried by huge rocks. I let a single tear fall on to the rocks. There was no point to moving the rocks away; I had lost my son, my wife, my father, my mother and now my brother lay dead buried by huge stones. I got up from my knees only to fall back to them. I shouted in arduous pain. I fell on my face; I dragged myself to a small rock pile and laid on it. I gasped for air my short craw had squandered my energy. I summoned a glass of water but I remembered that wind summoning was being monitored and if I did spawn the glass of cool refreshing water they would know I was still alive and where I was. I dismissed the idea with a demur dole. So I sat back on my rock pile waiting for Death’s cold lips to tell me it’s time to go, but the word never came, fate had another idea for me. A flashback soon formed in my mind.
Ventus, The Wind Angels Capital, a city so pure even the holiest Wind Angels don’t call it by name. But if we as a nation are to save Ventus we better have something to call it. Wind Angels, at one time couldn’t be killed that all changed when a close friend of mine was captured and burned to death at temperatures to high I can’t put them in numbers or words. We are not like the other Angels; we don’t have wings or forge our own weapons. When a Wind Angel is born they are marked mentally, like an experience bar set in their mind. When the Angel can handle summoning more things the experience bar gets filled up and the mind grows. We are all born to fight, the men are born stronger swifter to be able to summon more weapons and have a unique taste of determination that is so fierce that they are never challenged. The ladies run the government and lead our armies. They develop slower and get a taste of the hardship of life that many don’t.
When an angel is in its Childhood 5-13 they will be taught basic things such as the code of honor and the weapons used by the famous legends of the Wind Angels. In their Childhood Prime 14-25 the Angel will choose its weapon and that’s when he can start learning how to summon weapons. I choose was a wind sword. I am at the point of being able to summon a Wind Bow, Wind Armor, a Wind shield, and javelins. That is basic. In the Angels Golden years 26-50 the Angel will focus on defending their country and most likely serve in the army. During this time is when the female Angels choose their mates, when this happens, a Wind Love Necklace is forged and one is given to the male the other to the female, this is like a wedding ring but it has a catch. If one Angel is hurt to the point of death the pain would be shared by the wearer of the other love necklace. When the Angel is in his Glory years 51-death, he will either continue his career in the army of chose another path, I am entering the middle of my prime.
I slowly open my eyes and try to make a fist but I find it clinging to a rock. I slowly bring my infirm hand across my chest I look at the wounds and find that they have healed and that the bones were being healed as well. I slowly got to my feet testing my ankle to make sure it had healed. I smiled as I put my weight on it. Wind Angels have the natural ability of healing themselves at a very fast rate, as we get older it heals slower, If you die the healing could bring you back to life but being crushed by rocks, like my captain, you would not heal. The strain from my injuries…