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Careers in
Technology Research
Exploring Technologies
(TIJ 101)
Hannah McCrory
TIJ 101

The career I have chosen for the "Careers in Technology Research Assignment" is a Civil Engineer. Civil Engineers plan, design, develop and mange the construction and repair of various projects. Such as buildings, tunnels, bridges, canals, railways, airports and earth structures. The duties of a civil engineer include: using math and science skills to calculate if designs are safe and possible, estimate quantites and cost of labour, materials and equipment, studying current conditions, supervise building progress and the workers on site as well as prepare reports on project issues.
Civil engineers don't have one certain location of workplace they travel from engineering firms, government agencies, manufacturing and construction companies. In this career you also spend a great amount of time in office using computers, placing phone calls as well as reading blue prints. As time is spent working inside civil engineers work outdoors at a job site doing inspections and supervising.
High salary levels come along with this career. At entry-level (0-5yrs) $58,000. Mid-Career (5-10yrs) $72,000. Experienced (10-20yrs) $84,000. At late career (<20yrs) $102,000. Not only do civil engineers have a high salary level they also get benifits such as, dental coverage, vacation time, pension plans and paid sick leave.

As a civil engineer you must obtain an university level education. A Bachelors degree in civil engineering is an asset. Masters and PhD's help to advance you higher in the career. Also by obtaining a Master's in business administration you have the tendency to earn more. An undergraduate in civil engineering, transportation, construction and a cooperative education program is usually also required. Civil engineers may also specialize in foundation analysis, building and structural inspection, surveying, municipal planning and many other different skills.
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