Tech: Video Game Console and Young Age Essay

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No Other Way To Live Since 1995, the year I was born technology has changed for the better. It has made jobs that would normally take forever to do by hand 80% more faster to complete. It has given that person who is bored out of their mind something to occupy their time. Without technology the world we know and love would not be what it is today. The devices that have changed my life are The Computer, Cell Phone, and Gaming System. Remember the first model of the computer, a screen that looked as if it were pregnant in the back. A big loud modem that sat beneath screen, and the software that ran slower than a snail. On that model was when I first learned how to type, and if I hadn’t learned how to type at a young age I would have a hard time in school now. The internet was also fist shown to me on computer at a young age, so as I got older web browsing became a hobby. Even though I was not born when cell phones first came out, when I was born they were still new in society. A cell phone made it possible for everyone, including myself to be contacted at any given moment. They have also given one who is stuck in a boring environment something to do to occupy their time. If cell phones weren’t invented I’d definitely be bored 75% of the time. Gaming systems since the time I was old enough to play them have changed dramatically. When I was born video game systems were on the rise, I came into the generation of Playstaion, Xbox, and Nintendo that play bunch of games