Techniques And Strategies Do You Think Are Most Useful When Learning A Foreign Language

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Task Which techniques and/or strategies do you think are most useful when learning a foreign language?

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English is the most widely used language throughout the world,spoken by over a billion people in every continent.There is no doubt that people like international students need to learn English as a second language for them to study in an English speaking country.Although there are a quantities of techniques and strategies to be familiar with a foreign language, some of them are beneficial for non-native speakers as following.
Learning English in an Anglophone country is a fabulous strategy for them by visiting and staying.They are given the opportunity to communicate with the native speakers and witness the charms and cultures of the English language.When spending time in an Anglophone country,everything they do becomes an English lesson,such as learning new vocabulary in the television,communicating with shop assistants,etc.People are forced to use English, however, when they are spending time with their own social circles,they probably speak their native language.
The second effective strategy is to build up the vocabulary database in order to memorize not only the meaning but also the usage.E-dictionary is invented for people to check that without bringing the thick original dictionary.According to the recent research,E-dictionary save the 30% of the time to find the vocabulary comparing with the