Technological Lazieness Essay

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Technological Laziness
By David Smith

Why are people so lazy? Could it be from the rapid development of technology? It seems these days that people do things the easiest way possible. With all the modern day advances that we’ve had people spend more time on the couch and less time at work or play. Is technology making us lazy? Has technology made life too easy? Some may argue that technology is suppose to make life easier, but technology is crippling are way of life. Technological advances are making people lazy. The more technology people have the lazier they become. Technology makes it easy enough for us to go through life without even setting a foot outside. In today’s life you don’t need to go anywhere you can order everything over
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Then they would have to ring out all the excess water and hang their clothes out to dry. Today technology has made it much easier which has lead people to becoming lazy. The invention of the laundry machine made it so people today can simply start a load of laundry and walk away letting the machine do all of the work. Drying clothes is also done by a machine today. What once took a little hard work and effort now requires almost no work at all. Laundry machines have made people lazy by taking all the work out of doing the laundry.
Telephones are becoming a problem by making people lazy. Though the telephone is highly useful and helps people to communicate it has become a real problem. First, you can order many things over the phone today. You can order almost anything from food to clothes and have it delivered right to your house. Phones are an invention that keeps people from going out and getting something. Instead people choose to simply stay inside their homes and have things delivered to them, which can lead to obesity and other ailments. People also waste a lot of time talking and texting to their friends over the phone. Whatever happened to when people actually talked to other people face to face? The problem with phones is that people over use them when they could just go meet the person their talking too. Once again laziness is someone not going to see someone else when they could, instead they just