Technologies for E-Commerce Essay

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Assignment 1 - P1) Technologies that iGadjitz will need for e-commerce –
Web Server – The web server hosts and allows people to visit your website, giving people access to it from anywhere in the world, through the internet. The web server acts as the ‘place’ where the website is stored, and it also connects to the internet directly.

The picture above shows a basic illustration of how the web server will work, with the user on the left and iGadjitz’s web server on the right. As the user inputs the web address (e.g., the web server is contacted, and the specific page is requested. Once the server has recognised this, it sends over the page that the user has asked for and it’s displayed on their screen.
A web server is important for iGadjitz to have because without it they won’t be able to handle people going onto the website. As it also stores the website before allowing it to be live on the internet, without it there would be no way for anyone to access the site at all.
A basic web server can be purchased online for around £120. Also, software will be required for it to run on, and then another cost of renting the domain name too. If iGadjitz wanted to avoid these start-up costs, then they could find another web server company online that can host it for you. The cost for this is cheap at first; however they are known to raise prices depending on the success of the web page.
Web Authoring Tools – These are the software programs that will allow iGadjitz to design and create their own website. An example of a piece of software that can let them do this is Adobe’s Dreamweaver.
As shown in the picture, Dreamweaver is well known for giving its users the ability to design the website through two different methods; both in code format and also visually creating it. This could be an important factor for iGadjitz when they make their decision on what program they want to use, as the visual view that can be used to allow beginners to create a website, without needing coding experience.
These programs are important for iGadjitz, because obviously they will need it in order to create the website in the first place, before they even consider web servers or hosting.
Although it’s a very user friendly program, Dreamweaver, as with many other Adobe products, it’s quite expensive and would come in at around £230 for iGadjitz. This is an important thing for them to think about, as this cost alone is more expensive than it is to buy a web server. Despite that, iGadjitz should seriously consider Dreamweaver as it is vital for creating the website.
Domain Names – Every website has an IP address attached to it that is determined by the web server, meaning that you can type in that IP address to navigate to the specific web site. However, as an IP address looks like this:, it would be impractical for the user to have to something like this just to find iGadjitz’s website. This is why all companies and practically every website take advantage of domain names.

Above is an example of a domain name. Domain names allow companies to be easily recognisable – such as Google – compared to if we didn’t use them and had to rely solely on the IP addresses to visit companies’ web pages. The domain names also make it a lot easier to remember and find; so if a company has a simplistic, easy to remember and catchy domain name then the customer is a lot more likely to re visit and purchase something.
There are no real disadvantages to domain names. This is because cost is the only implication, but it only costs around £10 a year for the domain rights.
Download Speed – This doesn’t relate to the usual download speed that would be talked about (how fast a user can download a file). This version of a download speed refers to how quickly your webpage can be downloaded. The download speed of a website determines how fast people using iGadjitz’s website will be able to load the full web page, including all